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Resources for Face-to-Face, Blended, or Online Environments

This wiki is a collection of resources, research and references for K-12 educators interested in Teaching and Learning Online. Some of these resources are available for teachers within specific educational institutions or settings, and others are available for public use. Please contact your specific district and administration before using specific tools identified on this wiki.
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Venn diagram highlighting Blended, Online and Face-to-Face teaching and learning:

2.2 Activity- Online vs. Blended vs. Face-to-Face Venn Diagram.png
Venn Diagram by L. Mathews. Retrieved from:


The resources and materials available on this wiki are divided into the following categories:


In any educational setting communication is key


Working and learning with others


Clear expectations will increase student success


Tools used to create Images, Audio, Video


Course content and curriculum


Professional Development and online courses for Teachers


How to be thoughtful when Teaching and Learning Online


The Canadian context in Online Learning

In addition, the research and online and print resources used to compile this wiki have been included on one-page as a reference:

Research and References

All materials have been collected and archived as suggested resources for K-12 educators. All materials, logos, brand names, trademarks and copyright are property of their respective owners.