As a culmination of the work researched, compiled and submitted for my three year Master of Education Degree, this capstone represents academic research supported by practical and pragmatic application. The two complimentary parts of this capstone (the paper and the project) work in tandem with each other to offer a comprehensive view from an academic, research-focused methodology, alongside a practical, pragmatically-focused approach. Both pieces attempt to address the essential guiding question: What supports do K-12 educators need when teaching and learning online? Beginning with the filters of Leadership, Technology and Pedagogy, this question will be addressed, referenced and reflected upon throughout the paper. As the result of careful and selective research, the project provides K-12 educators with a toolkit of resources and references; tools and techniques essential to being successful in the online environment. Finally, these two pieces, however interrelated, can act as stand-alone pieces.

When addressing the guiding question, “What supports do K-12 educators need when teaching and learning online?”, the responses are numerous, and varied.

However, at the core, educators need support through leadership (by building their capacity through professional development while having a nation-wide focus of understanding), support with technology (by creating content and multimedia pieces for practical communication and collaborative reasons) and support in pedagogy (by ensuring their course content is clearly conveyed to students through appropriate means and being thoughtful to a myriad of considerations, unique to the online environment).